Best programming language for Artificial Intelligence

Which is the Best Programming Langauge for Artificial Intelligence (AI), and what Programming Language we can use for Artificial Intelligence or AI? In this tutorial, we will discuss the different best Programming Languages for Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, there are so many languages that can be used for Artificial Intelligence. Some of them are as follows.


Python is the most popular language used for Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is also known as the most significant language for AI because most programmers and developers choose Python as the best. Most of the scientists also feel comfortable with Python language for AI.

Best Programming Language for Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Best Programming Language for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The syntaxes in Python are very simple and easy to learn for professionals as well as beginners also. It considered being one of the most natural languages to learn.

All AI algorithms, and Machine Learning algorithms can be easily implemented in Python because of many libraries that have predefined functions for these algorithms. So if you have to call a function, you don’t need to call your algorithms for the same.

Hence, Python is considered the best choice for Artificial Intelligence.

R Language:

R is a statistical programming language. Currently, R is one of the most productive languages and environments for analysis and manipulation of data for analytical purposes, as it is a statistical programming language.

The R language is used to produce well-designed publication-quality plots with mathematical formulas and symbols, whenever needed. The R language is considered one of the most accessible programming languages to earn for professionals and beginners.

Best Programming Language for Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Best Programming Language for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The syntaxes that belong to the R language are very similar to the English language. It includes so many libraries that support statistics, data science, AI and Machine Learning, etc. It also contains lots of predefined functions for Machine Learning algorithms and Natural Language Processing (NLP), etc.

Hence, R is also considered an excellent choice if you want to start programming language for Machine Learning and AI.

Java Language:

Java is always the most popular language among all available languages. It is also considered a better choice for programming, as well as the development of AI. Artificial Intelligent has a lot to do with search algorithms, Artificial Neural Networks, and genetic programming.

Best Programming Language for Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Best Programming Language for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Java provides many benefits that are as follows-

  • It is easy to use.
  • Debugging and package services in Java are very easy.
  • It is simple to work with large scale projects.
  • Java enables better user interaction and graphical representation of data.
  • Java consists of a standard widget toolkit to make graphs and interfaces easily.

Graphical virtualization is a very significant part of AI, data science and machine learning, etc. So Java also can be the right choice for the programming and development of AI.

Lisp Language:

Lisp is the oldest and most suited programming language for the development of AI. Shockingly, a lot of people have not heard about the Lisp language.

Best Programming Language for Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Best Programming Language for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Lisp language is invented by John McCarthy, who is also known as the father of Artificial Intelligence. He was the person who first coined the term Artificial Intelligence.

  • It has the capability of processing symbolic information.
  • It has excellent prototyping capabilities.
  • It is easy to learn.
  • It can quickly create dynamic objects.
  • It has an automatic garbage collection feature.

Most of the features migrated into other languages due to advancements in language, so many people are not familiar with the Lisp language.


There are a lot of new languages that have more robust features or better packages, e.g. Prolog. It is commonly used in the knowledge base and expert system. The features of Prolog language are as follows-

  • Pattern matching
  • Freebase data structuring
  • Automatic backtracking, etc.

These features provide a compelling and flexible programming framework. The Prolog is a language mostly used in the medical sector’s projects and designing expert AI systems.

Apart from all these above-listed languages, we can also use C++, SaaS, JavaScript, MATLAB, and Julia for AI programming.

Which programming language is best for AI programming?


If you are looking for the best programming language for the development of AI, then Python is always the best choice in all other available languages. Python has some features which make it the best programming language is as follows;

  • Python is very easy to learn, read, write, and understand.
  • Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics.
  • Python is an example of FLOSS. FLOSS stands for (Free/Libre and open source software) type language. Open source means one can freely distribute copies of this software, read its source code. Modify it, etc.
  • Python is a high-level language, which means you don’t have to worry about memory allocation, etc. while writing a Python script.
  • Python can be used on different numbers of platforms, e.g. Linux, Windows, Macintosh, Solaris, etc. Hence, it is a platform-independent language.
  • Python supports a different programming paradigm, which means it supports object-oriented as well as procedure-oriented programming.
  • Python is extensible, which means it can invoke C and C++ libraries.
  • It can be integrated with .Net and Java components also.
  • It consists of predefined packages in which all the functions and algorithms stored.

Apart from these features, It is used to develop data science algorithms, Machine learning algorithms, and IoT projects, etc. Further, if you are choosing Python for AI and ML programming, then you don’t need to code much due to ready-made or predefined packages available in it. E.g., PiBrain is used for machine learning; NumPy can be used for scientific computations, Pandas, etc.


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