How to Create Google Form?

Create Your First Google Form

Google Form is the most versatile tool provided by Google through which you can create contact information, newsletter, survey, student directory, Party invite, T-Shirt Sign Up, Event Registration, Job Application, etc. You can create a Google Form in just a few minutes and also it is completely free to create. Google provides a number of free tools along with some other apps suites such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides, etc. Google Form is absolutely easy to use and the simplest method to save data directly to a spreadsheet without any hassle. In this article “How to Create…

How to Create Temporary or Disposable Email Address?

Sometimes we need to create temporary or disposable email addresses for various purposes like website testing, SEO, login to unsecure websites, business advertisements, etc. However, these Temporary Email addresses are also known as Disposable Email Address, Temp Mail, Fake Email, Throwaway mail, or Trash mail, etc. These mails are created temporary that doesn’t need any registration. Using Temporary or Disposable Email address, you are always remains safe from being fraud or lost confidential data on internet. If someone tracks your confidential data, these temporary or disposable email addresses make you safe from being a data breach. In this article “How…

What is Block Sender option in Gmail?

What is Block Sender Option in Gmail?

Like other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., Gmail also has a new feature to block or unsubscribe someone from the sender. If you are receiving emails from someone with whom you don’t want to connect anymore, so now you can block their email address from your Gmail by following simple steps. In this topic, we will explain the detailed steps to block someone on Gmail, and further, we will discuss the differences between the Block Sender and Report Sender. The three basic steps to block Gmail sender are: Open a Gmail inbox message from that unwanted sender….

How to delete Instagram account?

Instagram is an American social networking company owned by Facebook, is used to share photos and videos. It was designed in October 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger for IOS and in April 2012 for the Android version. It provides a facility to share videos and images uploaded by one user to another user who is following or not. It also provides a facility for editing photos with some filters, tags, and Google locations. Users can follow anyone who is using Instagram and add their videos and photos to its feed. In this blog, we will discuss how to…

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