What is Digital Marketing?

  • Digital marketing is a compelling technique to grow your business globally over the internet and all possible online and offline channels.
  • It is a technique to increase business and revenue through the internet, mobile network, social media platforms, search engine, Email, etc.
  • An online approach to attract customers for buying goods and services to earn money and grow a business is referred to as Digital marketing.

“Digital marketing is a new and fastest way to approach customer globally.”

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

How is Digital marketing differs from Internet Marketing?

As we have already discussed above, Digital marketing is “techniques to increase business and revenue through the internet, mobile network, social media platforms, search engine, Email marketing, etc.”

What is Internet Marketing?

A subset or crucial part of digital marketing is called Internet Marketing.

That means internet marketing is also a digital marketing only difference. It deals solely with marketing over the internet as a social media platform, Search Engine Marketing(SEM), Content marketing, Email marketing, Mobile marketing, banner advertising, etc. In contrast, in digital marketing, we use all possible ways, including internet marketing, to grow business and earn revenue.

What is Target Audience?

The target audience is referred to as a specific set of consumers interested in buying your goods and services over the internet.

Target Audience means identifying the type of business and requirements as per customer so that customer shows their interest and get attract to buy your products by delivering free content or discount on products etc.

The target audience can be dictated via age, income, gender, location of the customer, etc.

What is Digital Marketing Tools?

Nowadays, digital marketing is the biggest tool to grow your business; hence there are so many marketing tools over the internet. But the most important part is “Where to start.”

This means there are so many tools, so almost every tool takes too much time and money investment, so choosing the wrong tool can be very hassling.

There are 5 most important tools are as follows:

  • www.similarweb.com
  • Google Trends
  • www.canva.com
  • VidIQ
  • Keyword everywhere

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SimilarWeb is a digital marketing tool that predicts the total amount of traffic different websites get over the internet. It also provides the details of competitor sites from top traffic sources.

There are 6 major categories of calculating competition among traffic sources.

• Traffic sources

• Referrals

• Traffic Overview

• Engagement Metrics

• Social media traffic source

• Top search keywords

Digital Marketing tool
Digital Marketing tool
Digital Marketing tool
Digital Marketing tool

What is Google Trends?

Google trends are a keyword searching tool that predicts the frequency of any keyword over the google search engine compared to the site’s total search volume within a defined duration.

In the below picture, we have compared two latest keywords for coronavirus as corona and Covid-19 over google trends tool worldwide for the past 90 days and found comparison result as-.

Digital Marketing: Google Trends
Digital Marketing: Google Trends

Why Google Trends?

Content is the king and backbone of search engine optimization (SEO), so to know and identify the hottest content over the internet and find articles and contestant sites traffic for backlinking.


If you want to save money on stock photos and exclusive graphic design software like Photoshop, we can use canva.com.

In the case of digital marketing, it is most important that we should individually know how to make and edit images for our YouTube videos, Facebook posts, blogs, Twitter posts so we can edit or make changes and adjustments in templates.

Using canva.com, we can completely edit any image by changing color, quality, size, text, and all essential parameters in a straightforward manner. So using canva.com, we can make quality and unique content own-self.

Digital Marketing: canva.com
Digital Marketing: canva.com

In the above image, we can edit text, photos of a person, etc. To better understand, please go through this site and adjust or make images for your content accordingly.


There are an essential tool and a chrome extension called vidIQ used to get more views on YouTube. As we know, YouTube is the second biggest website and search engine in the world, so as a digital marketer, YouTube is the best platform to get more traffic and build an audience for your website over the internet.

How to use VidIQ?

If you want to make a video on YouTube, say Artificial Intelligence, then type this topic in the YouTube search bar and then VidIQ.

Digital Marketing: VidIQ
Digital Marketing: VidIQ

Once I have got the chrome extension, extolled brings up all extra information at the side like keyword score, competitor score, etc. So we have got information regarding most keyword search, search volume, and less competitor for the given topic (Artificial intelligence), which will be really very helpful for content to get it in front of an audience.

Keyword Everywhere (Keyword Tool)

Keyword Everywhere is also a chrome extension like vidIQ, so we need a chrome browser again. To see this, just go to underneath the google search bar box after installing this extension.

Once we have installed the keyword everywhere extension and activated our API key through the mail, then this will automatically show the monthly volume, cost per click (CPC), and competition details for more than 15 websites like google, bing, amazon, etc. just below the google search bar.

Digital Marketing: Keyword everywhere tool
Digital Marketing: Keyword everywhere tool

What is Market Research Survey?

Market research survey is the best practice to find out the hungry to buy or needy customer. To get this survey, we have to create a google form and send it to our mail contact, Facebook friend and LinkedIn, etc., for getting feedback for our products as it is elementary to use and can create an unlimited survey and get unlimited feedback for the same. As a digital marketer, it is crucial to know “what customers actually want.”

When you type google form in your browser and click “go to a google form,” you will find a screen like this.

Digital Marketing: Google Form
Digital Marketing: Google Form

Click + or start a new form, and you will see the below screen or new form.

Digital Marketing: Google Form
Digital Marketing: Google Form

Now you can start the survey and send this from the option at just right up “Send.” There may be possible or may not be possible that some of the people from your contact list are going to take this survey or not, but if someone takes this survey, then you will get the feedback for the same, so in this way, you can find what actually customer want.

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