how many page view required for adsense approval?

There are so many ways to earn money online but if you really want to add money with Google, then Google Adsense is the best platform for monetizing your website. But Google has some limitations for applying Adsense, which you should know before applying it. Sometimes your AdSense gets rejected but you don’t know why it got rejected? So this the right article to guide you for Adsense approval in just 15 days or even less.


What is Pageview?

Google has a fantastic feature “Google Analytics” which counts the total number of visitors for a particular page. Sometimes Page view is also called a total number of impressions.

“Page view simply defined as the total number of page visits.” If a user is repeatedly visiting a particular page then it’s also counted as a page view.

Let’s take an example, suppose if, your visiting my same article five times, then page view will be counted as five by Google Analytics.

How many page views or blogs needed for AdSense approval?

There are so many websites that are generating more revenue in comparison to other sites with less content, How?

As we all know, “Content is King”, Google always prefers quality and unique content from its user. If you are writing unique content that is not pasted from anywhere and also has a minimum of 700-1000 word count then as per Google algorithms you have more chance to get traffic and more page views. If some of the users are daily visiting your sites then it will a great advantage for you as Google considers it as loyal visitors.

Always choose the right Niche for your website and write original, unique, genuine content and self-designed images. If your domain is a minimum of six months old then you should try to apply AdSense every week no matter how many times you got rejected without blocking your mail-id. There is no surety of approval but if you have a minimum of 40+ quality posts or blogs with a minimum 700-1000 word count then there is a huge chance of approval and remember Page view doesn’t matter for approval.

There are some tricks so get AdSense approval in just a few days.

  1. Always choose the right website and Niche for your websites like Blog sites, News sites, and free online tools, etc.
  2. Always place your AdSense code in that place where lots of chances of visiting your viewers.
  3. Deploy AdSense Custome Search, if your website is multipurpose like you have Blogs, Tutorials, forum and News, etc.
  4. Earn money with Youtube using AdSense.

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7 Steps to get confirm Google AdSense approval

  1. Create an account with Blogger or WordPress and link with your Gmail account and if you have already purchased domain and host with Contact us, About us, Privacy Policy, terms, and conditions, disclaimer pages, then it’s an advantage for you.
  2. Choose a good domain name with .com, .net and .org etc. Buy domain and host here.

Configure your domain with Blogger or WordPress. Learn how to integrate the domain with Blogger.

  1. After integrating the domain with Blogger, WordPress, or any other Blogging site, add some quality content (3-5 posts) on daily basis with 700-1000 words per post.
  2. If you are honestly working on the above, you will surely get Google AdSense approval. Learn How to apply AdSense
  3. In case, if your AdSense rejected then no need to worry. There may be a chance of getting a rejection is less content on your site. So keep patience and add content on a daily basis and after one week re-apply for AdSense.
  4. This time you have 90% chances of getting approved, if not then again repeat the same process, so trust me you will get AdSense approval surely in just one month.
  5. Always use a bright theme for your page and the navigation of pages should be very clean.

Why my AdSense got rejected?

If your Google AdSense got rejected then there may be some reason for rejection like Less quantity of content to review or Blog is incomplete and Google AdSense has its six-month-old domain policy in Asian countries. So, before re-applying AdSense you have to fix some issues as listed below.

  • Insufficient content/ Unacceptable content 

It is the main reason for rejection as your site don’t have enough content so that Google specialist can review it. Always write unique and quality content with zero grammatical mistakes.

How to check plagiarism here.

  • Missing Privacy policy, About us, contact us, and disclaimer page on your website that Google never accepts.
  • The design of your Blog should be very clean and clear with a light theme that comforts the eye and looks beautiful.
  • A site having content that violent the “Google AdSense Policies” and Graphic Content Policy.


The conclusion of the above facts is that to get the AdSense approval you must have to put the quality content on your website without any grammatical mistakes and focus to provide the content as per the customer’s requirements to make loyal visitors, then you will surely get AdSense approval very fast.

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