How to Delete Gmail account?

Do you want to delete your Gmail account as you don’t want it anymore? Or want to use a new email service, but do not want to delete the Google account or related accounts such as Google Drive, etc. So here, we will guide you to the steps by step process of how to delete the Gmail account permanently without affecting your Google Account. Before starting let’s have a short introduction of Gmail and how it is different from the Google accounts so that you can better understand the difference between both terms.

Gmail is a free email servicing account developed by Google. It provides you an email address that ends with, to send and receive emails from one user to another or multiple users.

How a Gmail account is different from Google Account?

Many of us may think that Gmail and Google accounts are the same account, and by deleting the Gmail account, Google account will also be deleted. But both are different and you just need to understand the difference between both.

Google provides various services to its users such as Youtube, Docs, Google+, and Gmail is also one of the free services provided by Google.

When you create a Gmail account, a Google account is automatically created with the same user name and password, and it can be used to access all other services of the Google account.

However, you can sign up for the Google account with any other email address as well such as email address. Hence, in short, a Gmail account must have a Google account, but a google account may have a different email address.

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What will happen, if you delete your Gmail Account

Before removing your account, you should know what will happen if you remove the Gmail account.

  • Once you delete the Gmail account, you will no longer be able to send or receive emails using this email address.
  • Your deleted Gmail address cannot be used by anyone in the future.
  • If you only delete your Gmail account, the Google account will not be deleted and you can still use that for other Google services.
  • Your emails and other settings will be removed.

Note: If you use a Gmail account through your organization, school, or any other group, then to delete the account, you need to contact the administrator of that group or organization.

Prerequisite before deleting the Gmail account:

It is advised to download your data from your account before deleting it, as, after deletion, it will not available further. You can download it from here.

Steps to delete Gmail Account

Below steps are for accessing the Gmail account using the computer and will remain the same for all OS.

  • Sign in to your Gmail account using your Email address and Password. Click here to sign in.

  • Open the Google account by clicking on the

  • Navigate and open the Data & Personalization option given on the screen.

  • Scroll down, click on the “Delete a service or your account” option given under the “Download, delete or make a plan for your data.”

  • A new screen appears, where, click on the “Delete a Service”, under Delete a Google Service window.
Gmail account delete
Gmail account delete
  • It will redirect you to again login page for verification. Log in to the Gmail account and click on the Next.
Log In Gmail account
Log In Gmail account
  • Click on the delete icon given under the Delete a Google Service window.
Delete a Google service
Delete a Google service
  • A new screen appears, where you need to enter a new email address that can be used as a backup.
Sign in to Google account
Sign in to Google account
  • Once you click on the Send Verification Email option, the below screen appears, click on GOT IT.
Verify Gmail account deletion
Verify Gmail account deletion
  • Now open the email account that you have entered here for the verification, open the new message with the subject line “Gmail Deletion Confirmation”. Click on the given link.
Gmail delete confirmation
Gmail delete confirmation
  • Once you click on the link in the above image, a new screen appears for the final confirmation, tick on the check box, and then click to DELETE GMAIL button.

    Gmail delete confirmation
    Gmail delete confirmation
  • A final screen appears, click the “Done” option given on the screen.
Gmail deleted
Gmail deleted

Now, you have successfully deleted your Gmail account from the Google account. It may take some time to completely remove it, which is not specified by google.

To delete the Google Account permanently, click here.


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