How to earn money from Facebook?

Are you using Facebook only for sharing and watching videos or uploading photos, then, you are missing something to gain. Apart from fun, Facebook is also the best platform to earn money. If you are passionate about Facebook and spending your time sharing videos, selfies, and reading notifications on Facebook, while you can also earn money using the same activities on Facebook. It is very easy to earn money on Facebook, In this article, I will tell you some step by step tricks to earn money from Facebook, and it is simple and fun also.

Here are some common steps for all users to start monetization with Facebook.

  1. Make an account on Facebook by signing up (If you have already, then ignore this step).
  2. Make more friends without violating Facebook policies.
  3. Make and build a Facebook page and comply with Facebook’s page terms and conditions. Learn how to build a Facebook page?
  4. Share genuine information to users.
  5. You need to ensure that your account is 90 days old.
  6. Comply with Facebook’s payment terms.
  7. Follow the content guidelines of Facebook.

Methods to earn money from Facebook

  • Make money through content sharing with Facebook pages.
  • Sell your products on Facebook and earn.
  • Make money by selling a Facebook fan page.
  • Earn money with the Facebook affiliate marketing program.
  • Earn money by operating a Facebook group and selling accounts

Earn money through content sharing

If you are passionate about writing a blog, topic, news, and article, in which you have lots of interest, then sharing content along with your Facebook pages can be very helpful to earn money. Here is a simple guide to writing content in easy steps.

  • Find your interest (Niche) and the need of your audience.
  • Write impressive, unique, and easy content so that your audience will read and share it with more friends.
  • Publish your content on your Facebook pages consistently to attract your audience’s attention. Schedule your post if you are too busy to share content.
  • Build a relationship with sponsors and promoters to get paid for your post by writing articles and sharing the details of their products for big brands like Amazon, and Flipkart, etc.

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Sell your products on Facebook and get monetized

Facebook marketplace is the best platform to sell your products and services within your premises or based on your location, however, you can change your location. On the left side of this page, you will find the browse list, “Sell something” tab, location, and categories of products and services.

FB new2.JPG

In the Facebook marketplace section, you can sell your spare product by setting a price range, so if anyone will be interested to buy your product as per the price mentioned, will contact you for the same, however, you can also set a negotiation (Minimum price) for the product.

Further, you can also create an offer for your product on your Facebook page and offer some deals and discounts to attract your customer.

fb new3.png
Earn money from Facebook

You can also place a link to any brand in this offer section and can make money by a third-party advertisement that is called Affiliate Marketing.

Earn money by selling through the Facebook fan page

If you want to make a strong fanpage on Facebook, you will have to be consistent towards creating and sharing your post, content, and blogs, etc. Consistency is the key factor for making fans and building a fanpage.

However, you can also use Facebook advertising to promote your fan page as it will help you to boost your page and organic customers also.

FB new4.JPG
Earn money Facebook Page

In here above picture, you can see the Boost post tab marked with an arrow, from where you can advertise your post and product to build a strong fanpage.

Further, you can also use Influence Marketing to make money on Facebook.

“Influence marketing is defined as the social media marketing platform which involves some influencers, public figures, and companies who are specialization in the relevant field.”

So if you have built a huge number of followers then you can change your profile as a public figure instead of a normal profile. And you can also use your influence to promote and sell the products along with your fans and can make money also.

Earn money with Facebook Affiliate Marketing program

Affiliate Marketing is defined as a marketing method that involves a third party individual or organization who market and promote their product and services for a commission or share of sales done by them.


affiliate marketing.png
Earn money from Affiliate Marketing

As we have already discussed Affiliate marketing, if you have your own fanpage with a large number of fan followers, then you can create an offer on your page. And place offer or discount code (if applicable) and link of their brand, to pull the attention of your customer for marketing. Also, you can share the link of so many websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra, etc, and get a share of sales or commission to promote them.

Earn money by operating a Facebook group and selling accounts

As we have discussed earlier, try to make a larger group and have good engagement according to the interest of the audience. Always engage with your audience with some post, blogs, and content what your audience needs. However, you can sell your old Facebook account and fan page also as there are so many buyers who are ready to buy your account as Facebook prefers 90 days old account from the business perspective.

Rather than these marketing tricks you can also earn money by the online paid survey, sponsored blogs or content, and selling your own products on Facebook.

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