How to Setup company information in Salesforce?

The company information page contains important information about your company’s organization such as Address, currency locale, created by, country, language, default time-zone, Fiscal year start in, Newsletter, organization name, phone, etc. Further, you can also customize the User License, Permission Set Licenses, Feature License, and Usage-based Entitlement. You can customize the company information in both Salesforce Lightning and Classis platform. You can modify your organization’s user interface by enabling or disabling the User Interface setting in the Setup menu. In this topic, we will discuss how to configure or set up company information in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.

To open the company information page simply follows the below steps:

  • Login to your Salesforce account and click on the setup menu at the top right of your screen.
Set up company information in Salesforce
Set up company information in Salesforce
  • Enter the company or company profile inside the Quick search box and click on the company information from the drop-down menu. However, you can directly find this option under the Administer section in the sidebar of your screen.

  • Click on the Company Profile tab. Under this tab, you can update and modify various details such as company information, default language, default time-zone, Fiscal year, business hours for the customer support team, holiday and data protection and privacy, etc.
  • Click the Company Information tab under the company profile. A company Information tab contains the following details such as:
  • Organization Detail
  • User License
  • Permission Set Licenses
  • Feature Licenses
  • Usage-based Entitlements

Organization Detail

In this section, you can edit various details such as organization name, primary contact, phone, default locale, address, default language, default time-zone, fiscal year start in, currency locale, newsletter, Organisation ID, created by and Modified by, etc.

Click Edit to modify the Organisation Detail in company information set up
Click Edit to modify the Organisation Detail in company information set up

Note: In the above image, you can see an option organization ID. This is unique for all users who are going to handle the task. When a task is assigned to use this field automatically updated on the organization detail page.

You can simply edit these details by clicking the Edit option as shown in the above image.

User License

You can manage different user licenses such as Identity, Salesforce, Chatter Free, and Chatter External. Further, you can also check the details such as the total number of license, used license, remaining licenses, expiration date, and status of the license.

User License, Feature License, Permission Set license in set up of company information
User License, Feature License, Permission Set license in set up of company information

Permission Set License

As a Salesforce Administrator, you can manage Permission Set License such as CRM user, Sales console user, Sales user, and SalesforceIQ Inbox User, etc. Further, you can also check details such as status, total license, used license, remaining license, expiration date.

Feature License

You can also modify and manage Feature licenses such as Marketing user, Offline user, and Salesforce CRM Content User.

Usage-Based Entitlement

As an Administrator, you can manage different Entitlements resources such as Maximum Custom BigObjects Rows, Maximum Paused and Waiting Flow Interviews, API Request Limit per Month, Maximum Next Best Action Requests available, etc. Further, you can also check resource ID, start date, end date, frequency, allowance, amount used and usage used, etc. Please refer to the below screenshot.

Entitlement in company information set up
Entitlement in company information set up

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