How to start a blog?

A blog is a type of webpage or website that is used to write some specific information, including text, videos, images, info-graphics, etc., about any topic. A blog should be updated regularly. A blog can be written by an individual or a small group of persons to exchange information to users over the Internet. A blog is an abbreviation of the original term Weblog. A blog is also referred to as an Information Website that gets updated regularly. A blog is posted in reverse chronological order that means the latest post will appear on the top of the page. When starting a blog, always research your Niche and keywords with unique and error-free content. If you have really planned to start a small business to earn money then blog writing would be really helpful for you. To start or write a blog can be very easy if you are choosing the best niche or following some rules to start a blog. In this article, we will understand why Blog writing is a good idea, the best website platform to start your own blog in 2021, various advantages of blog writing, etc

Why Blog writing is a good idea?

If you are a good writer, then blogging is an excellent idea to grow yourself and earn money. A blog is a specific platform, which provides unique and updated information to users, so most of the internet users use to search a blog to find any information rather than traditional ways like books and diary, etc. If you are choosing to write a blog, then it is a straightforward way to get traffic over the Internet, and you can earn money also.

Blogging is the best way to share the knowledge or skills that you have to various users over the internet.”

Here, I am providing a guide to start blogging in some easy steps so that you can begin your Blog quickly and can earn money at your doorstep.

6 Steps to write a Blog

  • Select a Niche or Blog title

Niche is pronounced as “Needs.” Niche is a specific topic or title for your Blog, which you are going to write and publish. It is very complicated to choose a Niche sometime.

Niche is best defined as the need of your customer always means research on customer’s needs and tries to find out its best possible solution for your customers.”

“Niche is a category of your interest.” Always choose a topic in which you have more interest.

Ex- If you like games, then your Niche is any specific game like cricket, football, and badminton.

If you deal with computer software and hardware, then your Niche is ‘Tech.’ similarly, if you like a biscuit, then your Niche is Bakery, and if you are writing News, then your Niche is Media.

  • Choose the best platform or website to write blogs.

The platform is defined as a place where you are going to publish your Blog. So it’s always the most crucial step when writing a blog. There are so many websites available where you can start blogging, but remember, sometimes switching your platform may be very difficult.

List of websites where you can write/start a Blog


WordPress is always the best platform to write and publish your Blog free. WordPress is the biggest platform for website building, and Blogging as more than 36% of users are using WordPress. However, it’s an open platform to start your blog, but there are always some limitations for customization so, WordPress also offers paid services to its users.

Steps to writing a post on WordPress

  • Click the link on your browser.
  • Click the tab Start your Blog.
  • Enter your Email address with the desired username and password or create your account using your Google account.
  • Type the domain which you want or continue with your domain.
  • Click on the option “Write” on the uppermost right corner.
  • Further, if you already have domain and web hosting with WordPress, follow the steps below to write a blog post.
  • Login to and go to the dashboard option.
  • Click the post tab.
  • Click the “Add new” sub-tab.
  • Write Post title in uppermost column and content in below post editing section.
  • Select category and tags as per requirements.
  • Click the Publish tab at the right above corner.


  • Blogger

Blogger is developed and launched by Pyra Labs and owned by Google itself. It’s the best platform that allows you to host and completely free blogging services, and it is easy to use. Blogger is a platform that enabHowles its user to free services of blogging worldwide. Some so many professional bloggers started their carrier with

The most important feature is it is easy to use, user-friendly, and free tools to start blogging and promoting without a budget.

  • is a great idea to write and publish a blog for earning money, as it’s the best place for the beginner to start blogging. As its name, it works as a mediator for Blogging, as there is no matter who you are and what you are writing for, but if you are a good writer, you will get appreciation from visitors. One of the best features is about is there is no setup, and prior knowledge requires to start blogging, so it is user friendly and easy to use the tool.

You can earn money through Medium .com partner programs as it provides money every month based on reading time, engagement, and claps of the readers. You can also make money by adding your blog links to their platform.

  • Site123

Site123 is also a great platform to start a blog as well as building a website. The best feature is about Site123 is it is easy to use as you have to pick your template, customize your settings, and publish your Blog. You can also share your blogs through social media platforms.

Site123 is a great platform to build your community worldwide as you have to respond to your viewers and use the RSS tool to let viewers track your blogs easily.

  • Choose a domain name and hosting.

It’s a crucial step for any blogger to go further, as choosing the wrong domain name may be a hectic time for you to switch your domain later. You can choose either a generic domain name or a keyword domain name.

Ex- If you are choosing a domain name like,, and, etc. then there is no specific introduction need, and if you are selecting a domain like ‘your’ etc. then there may be so many difficulties to promote your business.

There are so many web host providers who provide the facility of choosing domain as well as hosting over the Internet like,,, and, etc. I suggest you use and as these are a more generic brand name compared to others.

Learn how to choose domain and Host: Link

  • Design a blog with useful resources.

The most crucial part is “What, How and When.” That means what the content about which you are going to write, How to write and when it should be written.

Always research a topic that is in demand or trending.

Some people used to select a topic with the help of a social media platform, Quora, HubSpot, and some useful tools for SEO.

There are some ideas to design trending content given below.

  • Always choose a trending topic
  • Research on Keywords
  • Write unique content with minimum of 1000 words
  • Make your images with alt tags.
  • Create a banner and header image for your Blog.
  • Use social media tools to share and promote your content.
  • Promote your Blog and earn money

After writing blog it’s time to optimize your content so that Google can index your content and published it on the top search result so that you can earn money. There are so many SEO tools over the Internet, which can help you to promote your blog. You can use the social media platform to improve your blog content.

  • Make a plan to update and publish blogs.

After the promotion of a blog, the last step updates and publishes your Blog over the Internet. Blogs are always posted in reverse chronological order, which means the latest one will be published on the top of the website.

What are the benefits of Blog Writing?

Blogging is always beneficial for growing your business in terms of money as well as user interactions. When you write a blog on any platform, some of the users commented on that information indefinitely or maybe in a contrary manner, so a communication built with users surely will be very useful for your business.

There are some primary advantages of Blogging as follows:

  • The medium of sharing ideas and thoughts.
  • Connectivity with online users.
  • It helps to grow your business.
  • Improve website traffic and rank over the Internet.
  • Earn money online.

We are currently living in a digital world where there are 4.57 billion active users (until April 2020), and almost every user uses the Internet to search for any query. If you can deliver excellent and unique content, you will surely get high traffic to monetize your website.



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