How to Take Screenshots on Windows 10?

In this topic, we will discuss how you can take screenshots on Windows 10 in simple ways. Before going into details, let’s understand about screenshots in brief. The screenshot is the capture of whatever you have on your computer display in the form of an image by the same device. It is also called screen capture or screengrab, which takes capture of the display what exactly your computer display is showing at that particular instant. It can be saved in the form of an image in any image format and can also be edited using different tools such as Paint, Snipping Tool, etc. In this article How to take screenshots on Windows 10, we will learn various types to take screenshots in Windows 10.

A screenshot is very useful when you want to explain anything or to represent a process of doing something on your device.

The below image is an example of a screenshot of a Wikipedia page. The highlighted part will save as the final image.

How to take screenshots on Windows 10
How to take screenshots on Windows 10

You can take the screenshots on any device such as mobile, laptop, and desktop with any operating system. Here we will discuss the different ways to take screenshots on Windows 10. Some steps are the same for all Windows versions, and some are specific to Windows 10.

Ways to take screenshots on Window 10

In windows 10, there are mainly two ways to take the screenshot, which are given below:

  1. Using the Snipping Tool Application
  2. Using the Print Screen (PrtScn) on Keyboard
  3. Take Screenshots Using the Print Screen (PrtScn) key.

The quick and the easiest way of taking a screenshot is by using the Print Screen button present on your keyboard. When you press the print screen key, a screenshot of your computer display is captured and saved in the clipboard. To use this capture, you need to paste it on the paint or word document immediately using CTRL+V buttons.

The Print Screen button mostly appears in the first row of the keyboard after the F12 key. In some keyboards, it needs to access along with the Fn or Function key.

Note: If the Prt Scn is printed with blue color as the Function or Fn key, then you need to use the Print screen key along with the function(Fn) key, else use only the Print screen key.

Below are the basic steps of taking screenshot using the Print Screen key:

  • Open the screen on your Windows system that you want to capture.
  • Press the Prt Scn key given on your keyboard.
  • Open the Word document or Paint or any other window application to paste the screenshot and Press CTRL+V keys together.
  • Now you can make changes on the captured screenshot as per your requirement, such as CROP, RESIZE, BORDER, etc., and save the file as an image in your system.

Note: When you click the Prt Scr button or Fn+Prt Scr, you may find nothing happened on your screen, because to use it, you need to paste it on your file.

There are three different ways to use the Print Screen key for taking a screenshot. These ways are given below:

  • To save the screenshot on the selected file (Use PrtScn key or Fn+PrtScn key only)

If you want to save your screenshot on a particular file such as a Windows document, Paint, PPT, etc., then you just need to press the Prt Scn key (or Fn+Prt Scn) and paste it on your document or file using Ctrl +V Keys together. Use the above steps.

  • To directly save the screenshot on your system(Use +PrtScn keys together)

If you want to take the screenshots in a quick way without any need of pasting in any document or file, then just press the Window Key () + Prt Scn together.

When you press the print screen along with the window key, the screen will blink for a second, and the content of your computer screen will be stored in the Pictures folder on your system. Consider the below images.

  • To take a screenshot of the only active window(Use ALT+PrtScn keys together)

If you want to take the screenshot of the particular active window, not the complete computer screen, so for this press, the “ALT+Prt Scn” Keys together. After that, open the document or any file and paste your screenshot on that.

Consider the below images:

  • Take Screenshots using the Snipping tool.

Another most popular way of taking screenshots on Windows is by using the Snipping tools. This is an amazing way with lots of functionality and also an easy way to access it.

The snipping tool is a Microsoft Windows utility software available on all the versions of Windows OS after the Windows Vista.

Below are the steps for taking screenshots using the snipping tool:

  • Search for the “Snipping tool” in your Windows search box and open it.
  • Select the new after selecting the mode that you want to use for taking the screenshot, such as rectangular for rectangular shaped, free-form snip for taking in any shape, and Windows snip for the particular active window and full-screen snip for capturing the full windows screen.
  • Once you select the mode, a blurred screen appears on display with a select arrow. Drag the arrow on the required screen and leave, and the snip will appear on the snipping tool.
  • Now edit it if required else save it as PNG, JPEG, GIF, or MHT in any folder.

How to use the Snipping tool with the Delay option?

In Windows 10, a new feature is added for the snipping tools, and that is the Delay option. The delay option is used to take a snap after a delay of 0 to 5 seconds.

This delay option is useful if you want to take a screenshot of a popup window or screen with context menus. Because when a context menu appears, if you click to take a snap, immediately the menu will disappear.

To take a screenshot using the delay option, follow the below steps:

  • Open the snipping tool.
  • Set the delay time as per the need and click on the New option of the tool.
  • Open the screen or menu that you want to capture, the snipping tool will automatically occur after the delay time, and you can cut the snip from the screen.
  • Save the snip in the desired format.

Take a Screenshot using the Snip & Sketch (Only for Windows 10)

Windows 10 has launched an amazing app, Snip & Sketch, to take the screenshot in the easiest way. It has combined features of Print screen and snipping tools as you can take the screenshot without opening this app by just using keyboard keys and can edit it immediately like snipping tool.

To access the Snip & Sketch app on your Windows 10 system, either search for this app or use the shortcut (Window key+ Shift + S), and a snipping screen will open.

Using Snip & Sketch, you can do make your captures even more creative with the help of various features such as Ruler, Protractor, highlighter, pen, and pencil.

Below are the steps for taking screenshots using snip & sketch:

  • Search for the Snip & Sketch app on your system or press the + Shift +S keys together, it will open the app on your system.
  • Select the type of snip that you want to capture, and it will automatically be saved into the clipboard. You will also get a notification of the clipboard.
  • Click on the notification, and the app screen will open with your recent snip. You can edit the screenshot as per your requirement.
  • After editing the screenshot, you can share it with someone or can save it to the desired location.

Take Screenshots using the Game bar in Windows 10

Windows 10 provides another great capability of Game DVR. It allows us to record a gameplay video and also take screenshots while playing the game in PNG format. It automatically saves the captures and videos in the “C:\Users\[System_name] \Videos\Capturers” folder. We can use the Xbox Game bar for capturing any screenshot or video on our computer.

To use it, first, you need to launch the Xbox Game Bar app on your Windows 10 PC or Laptop. You can use various shortcuts to capture the screenshots. For this. Below are the steps to use the Game bar for taking screenshots on your system:

  • Search for the Xbox Game bar app on your system and open it or directly press the Window Key + G to open the Game Bar.
  • Once you open it, some new small windows with several icons will be displayed on your screen, and your screen will get dim.
  • Under the Capture Window, click on the camera icon or “Window + Alt +PrtScn,” and immediately, a screenshot of your current screen will be captured and saved in the default folder(C-> Users-> User_name-> Videos-> Captures).

You can also set some Keyboard shortcuts for quick capture. There are predefined keyboard shortcuts given by Windows, which are, but you can also set your own shortcuts. For this, go to the Settings-> Gaming-> Game bar and set your own shortcuts.

Note: The keyboard shortcuts for the game bar will only work after you check the “Yes this is the game” box.

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