How to Use Vision API with Google Cloud?

Google Cloud Vision offers some powerful pre-trained Machine Learning models through different API’s such as REST and RPS. Google Cloud Vision API helps to assign labels to different images and classify them into several numbers of predefined categories. Google Cloud Vision helps to detect emotions, objects, and faces, understand printed as well as handwritten text and build metadata for your images. Google Cloud Vision helps to derive insights from your images in the cloud or at the edge with AutoML Vision. As per the survey, AES Corporation (listed in fortune 500 global power company) is using drones and AutoML vision to stimulate greener and safer energy for the future. In this article “How to use Vision API with Google Cloud”, we will learn about Vision API, AutoML Vision, benefits, and features, use cases, and integrate computer vision into your applications, etc. Let’s start…..

What is Google Cloud Vision API?

Google Cloud’s Vision API offers powerful pre-trained machine learning models through REST and RPC APIs. It helps to detect the emotions such as happy or sad, differentiate between humans and others and assign labels to different images and classify them into several numbers predefined categories. It is used to detect details about images.

Google Cloud Vision API
Google Cloud Vision API

However, a computer can perform various activities such as see, hear, smell, taste and feel. On the other hand, it can differentiate between various emotions like happy or sad and also can detect faces from its powerful REST and RPS API’s.

Google image search is also an application of Google Cloud Vision REST and RPS APIs that connect your code to Google’s image recognition capabilities.

What is AutoML Vision?

AutoML stands for Automated Machine Learning which helps to automate the training of your own custom machine learning models. You can customize your models with high accuracy, latency and size to export them into your application in the cloud. You have to simply upload images and train custom image models with AutoML Vision.

Why use Google Cloud Vision API?

Google Cloud Vision API helps developers to easily integrate vision detection features, image labeling, face recognition, place detection, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), explicit content detection, and understand the text and act on it, etc. There are some benefits of using Google Cloud Vision API’s are as follows:

Benefits of Google Cloud Vision

  • Detect object automatically

It helps to detect and classify multiple objects with their location and image.

  • Gain Intelligence at the edge

It helps to build and deploy fast and high accuracy models to classify images and detect images or objects at the edge. Further, AutoML Vision Edge supports a variety of edge devices where resources are constrained and latency is critical.

  • Reduce purchase friction
  • Understand text and its implementation
  • Detect explicit content
  • Data labeling


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