Applications of Artificial Intelligence?

The term Artificial Intelligence was first coined by John McCarthy in the year 1956 at the Dartmouth Conference.

“Artificial Intelligence is defined as the science and engineering of making intelligent machines.”

In another word, AI is also defined as the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and language translation, etc.

Artificial Intelligence is made from two words;

ArtificialHuman made

IntelligenceThinking power

By combining these two words, we can say that Artificial Intelligence is a “human-made thinking power.”

So, AI is a technique of getting machines to work and behave like humans. This is already achieved by creating machines and robots with the help of AI in different fields such as healthcare, marketing, robotics, and business analytics, etc.

Application of AI

  • AI in Google SERP

AI is widely used in every field like healthcare, marketing, robotics and business analytics, etc. But one of the most important applications of AI is Google SERP. When we begin typing in the Google search engine box, it automatically makes recommendations for us to choose from, that actually AI is. So when we want to search anything on the search engines, it uses AI to guess what we are trying to find based on data collected by Google about you such as location, age, browser history, and other personal details, etc.

Applications of AI
Applications of AI

In the above screenshot, you can see that Google is recommending the query that you may want to know about, and it is possible through AI, deep learning, machine learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

  • AI in the Finance Sector

In the Finance sector, JPMorgan chase’s contract intelligent (COiN) platform uses AI, ML, and image recognition software to analyze legal documents in few seconds only.

Applications of AI
Applications of AI

As per the screenshot, you can see that manually reviewing 12,000 agreements takes over 36,000 hours that is a lot of time-consuming. But now it is work of a few seconds after deployed it by AI machines. So this is the main difference between AI and human work. However, AI can’t think and reason like humans but it has better computational power than humans.

  • AI in the Healthcare sector

Healthcare organizations use IBM AI (Watson) technology for medical diagnosis. IBM is one of the pioneers that developed AI software, especially for medicines. There are hundreds of healthcare organizations that use AI (IBM Watson) technology. In 2016, IBM Watson technology was able to cross-reference twenty million oncology records quickly and correctly diagnosis a rare Leukemia condition in a patient.


  • AI in the social media platform
Applications of AI
Applications of AI

AI is widely used in social media platforms like Facebook for face verification. It is based on deep learning and machine learning concepts. The entire auto-tagging features that you see on Facebook are based on deep learning, machine learning, and neural networks and there is only AI behind all these. All other social media platform like Instagram, Twitter, etc. heavily trusts on AI. Further, Twitter and Facebook use AI to identify any type of hate speech and inappropriate abusive and terroristic language in Posts and Tweets.

Applications of AI in social media
Applications of AI in social media

Twitter has discovered and restricted more than 300,000 terroristic-linked fake accounts. In which 95% of accounts were found by non-human and AI machines.

  • AI in Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants are the devices that can understand voice commands and complete the task as per the voice instruction of the user for e.g. Alexa and Siri.

Applications of AI in
Applications of AI in

Google has launched a new virtual assistant called Google Duplex. It can’t only respond to calls and book an appointment for you, It can add a human touch also. It makes a sound that is very realistic. However, It is very difficult to distinguish between humans and AI speaking over the phone.

  • AI in self-driving cars

AI is used in self-driving cars also. AI implements computer vision, image detection, deep learning in order to build cars, which can automatically detect any object or any obstacles and drive around without human intervention.


Elon musk talks about how AI is implemented in Tesla’s self-driving cars. Tesla has made a fully automatic self-driving car and a ‘’Robo taxi’’ version that can ferry passengers without anyone behind the wheel.

  • AI in Entertainment (Netflix)

Netflix has developed its own movie recommendation for each of its users. These recommendations are made by Machine Learning. When you open your Netflix app and look at the type of movies that are recommended to you, they are quite different than others. This is because Netflix analyzes each user’s personal details and tries to understand what each user is interested in and which type of movie patterns each user has, then it recommends appropriate movies to them. This helps to engage a user on its platform by recommending them for watching the next movie and continue your monthly subscription.

Over 75% of what a user watch is recommended by Netflix itself.

So the logic behind these recommendations is AI and Machine learning.

  • AI in Gmail

Gmail also uses AI daily. When you open your Gmail inbox, you will find different sections there for e.g., Primary section, Social section, etc. Similarly, Gmail also has a Spam mails section. So Gmail uses AI to classify spam and non-spam emails from the account. Spam words are generally like the lottery, earn a full refund, etc. By using Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and AI, Gmail filters these emails in a separate section called spam.

  • AI in Gaming

AI can be used in so many games available on the internet today. Like online chess, cricket, and ludo, etc. AI machine plays strategically to compete with the human being.

  • AI in Data Security


Data security is the most important aspect for each user on the internet, as there are so many cyber attackers active over the internet. So AI can be used to make your data more secure and safe from the eye of cybercrimes. AEG bot, A12 platform, etc. are used to secure data and determine the software bugs in a better way.

  • AI in Agriculture

Agriculture is the most crucial area for living life and requires various resources like labor, time and money, etc. So for significant results in agriculture production, AI can be used as agricultural robots, solid, crop and waste management, predictive analysis to help out the farmers.


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