Top 10 interview questions and answers for fresher in 2020

In this blog, I am writing some basic and most important questions asked in previous years in all technical and non-technical personal interviews from various organizations. Remember the first impression should be very pretty as the first impression is the last impression in an interview. And interviewers just see your attitude towards the interview. If you are preparing for any job interview then this is the best article for you. There are the top 10 basic interview questions and answers for freshers given in this article. Now let’s begin with your interview journey with these questions and answers.

Your Make-or-Break Interview Moment: 'Tell Me About Yourself'
Top 10 interview questions and answers in 2021

Here in this article, I am providing basic interview questions and their answers.

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Can you please tell me about yourself?

This is the most common and the favorite question of HR or any interviewer. He/she always tries to know about your family background, early carrier, hobbies, and personal bio-data. So always be specific in this question and answer precisely.

Points to be remembered for this question-

  • Be very specific and precise.
  • Always give to the point information.
  • Always focus on your work experience, carrier objective, what you have mentioned over your resume, and what you have learned from your previous organization as this will impress the HR interviewer most.
  • Always close this answer with the relevant thing which you have prepared very well like if you are closing from your strength then always be prepared for performing the same.

Answer- Good morning Sir/Ma’am

  • My name is Ram. I belong to Delhi and currently, i am staying in Mumbai.
  • I have done my graduation (most recent education) from (college name) and currently perusing (If, any) from (Location)

Note- No need to mention school education until it asked.

  • About your carrier objective and project detail in short.
  • My father is a government employee and my mother is a house manager (No need to mention the name and their education), and i have two siblings (Number of siblings).
  • Hobbies must be described in a very well manner as it’s a tricky question which can be your next question from HR, so always prepare for the same.

What are your Hobbies?

Always be clear and specific for this question as HR wants to know what you like or dislike. This is a very tricky question as some of the students always learn the answer to this question like singing, reading, watching movies, etc but they don’t have a bit of idea about the same. So always be original at this point and ready to perform as there is a chance that the HR person may ask you to perform the same.

What is your greatest strength?

Always ready to describe your greatest strength as this may be a focus question of what HR wants from you. Always discuss a past experience from your life and correlate this with your strength.

Do not show negativity as this will show leave a bad impact on HR.

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What is your greatest weakness?


No one is perfect in this world and everyone has some weaknesses nut this is a very sensitive question that HR wants to ask you which will show “how negative you are?” So always prepare with your weakness but in a positive manner, as you can answer this “I don’t like restriction neither in my job nor my personal life.” So sometimes my family members and colleagues not feel comfortable with me and my attitude but i am really trying to improve this.

Why should I hire you?

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This is the most important and common conventional question asked in every interview as HR wants to know your professional ability and how responsible you are towards your carrier and position. So always start with your strength and tell why you are the unique and best-suited person for this job. Always correlate the job position with your power and your past experience from your previous organization.

The reason behind this question is HR is going to take interviews with a number of candidates, but why you are the best suited for this job, and how you can handle this job in the best manner.

Just think you are the best among all and how can you describe yourself as perfectly suited for this job, you will find your answer.

Why do you want to join us?

This is a different question relating to a previous question, as sometimes some of the candidates unable to differentiate this question.

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In this question, the HR manager wants to know how motivated you are with this job and how desperate you are. Always prepare with the organization’s work culture and basic information of your employer. Always show how desperate you are to become a part of that organization and admiring the professional work culture and reviews from the employees.

Why did you leave your last job?

This is a very complex question as some of the candidates get nervous at this point. So make it easy and start from your previous organization experience as what you have learned from your from the previous company and tell you like challenges and new opportunity in your life so for better carrier path you quit your last job.

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However, you can tell me about your family issue, health issue, or personal problems which you have faced during your last job.

What is your most outstanding achievement?

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This is a very challenging question as HR wants to know your attitude and behavior towards your work and colleagues.

Tell him/her about the appreciation you got from your boss and colleagues and how you had handled the entire team as a leader when there was a lot of work pressure and your manager and some colleagues were not there. Always start with your strength and end with the same and show them why you only best suited for this job.

However, you can conclude your other achievement in your life as you have won some district/state level competition, etc.

Where did you see yourself in the next 5 Years?


What is your long term goal?

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This is basically an eliminating round question. Hr manager wants to know your carrier objective and indirectly asking you regarding your interest in the organization. Never tell him that have an interest in a different field as an HR manager never wants to hire someone who has already a plan to leave this job after some time, so show him/her that you are here and will grab the new opportunity with this organization.

“Do you have any questions to ask me?”

This is a question which the juice of the entire interview process. Almost 70% of candidates never ask any question from HR.

But this is a question which will give a golden chance to select yourself.

Ask him about company achievement, working culture, and carrier opportunities that you want.

Best of Luck

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