Top 20 Best Free SEO Tools For Growing Traffic 2021

Searching for the list of free SEO tools? You are on right track! After a lot of research and study, we found a few top best free SEO tools according to their specialty and we have categorized them to understand the actual role of your website SEO. SEO tools play a crucial role in growing your website traffic. You can say, SEO is the backbone of entire Digital Marketing.

Below the list of SEO tools that help you in improving your overall SEO:

Keyword research tools are mainly used to search trending topics or most searched topics over the Internet.

1. Ahrefs’ Keyword Generator

Ahrefs’ Keyword Generator helps to fetch top 100 keywords ideas with questions asked by users for any root keyword or phrases from more than 170+ countries with average monthly search volume and Keyword difficulties for the first ten results. This tools also deals with keywords research for Amazon, Youtube, and Bing.

2. Google Trends

  • Google Trends is used for comparative Keyword research and average search volume.
  • Google trends also help to provide search volume index as well as viewers’ geographical location or sub-region for the entire world.

3. Google Keyword planner

    • Google Keyword planner is another tool to discover the new keywords and search volume with forecasts.

Google keywords planner also used to search for low and high-range page bid.

4. Answer The Public

Answer The Public is an excellent tool used to discover the most asked question, preposition, comparison, alphabetical search, and related searches and you can download CSV file for these keywords.

Note- Answer The Public provides two searches free for a day.

  • On-Page SEO tools

5. Rich Result Test by Google

Rich result Test is used for determining key information and helps to understand the main purpose of the webpage. Rich results include images, carousels, and non-textual data features. A featured snippet provides the instant answer to its users and map snippets deal with a geographical location like school, shops, and malls, etc.

6. Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar is used to generate an on-Page SEO report at the sidebar Google and Firefox browser as this is the browser extension of Google and Firefox. It generates the SEO reports of the page title, word count, headers and meta description, etc. It also helps to find broken links, URL rating, Ahref’s rank, Domain Rating (DR), number of referring domain, organic search traffic, and number of ranking keywords.

Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar
Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar

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  • Link Building Tools

7. Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker


Ahrefs’ backlink Checker tool is used to search the top 100 backlinks, Top 5 anchors text, top 5 pages, referring Domains, Domain Authority, Domain Rating, and URL rating of any website or webpage.

8. Ahrefs’ Broken Link Checker

Ahrefs’ Broken Link Checker is used to find the top 10 broken inbound and outbound links for a domain as well as to find broken pages on your site.

Ahrefs’ Broken Link Checker
Ahrefs’ Broken Link Checker

9. Scraper

The scraper is a Google extension used as a “white hat” marketing tool. This tool is used to fetch required data from any website but not used that data for copying content. It is also used to scraping links from Google’s organic search results.

Scraper SEO tool
Scraper SEO tool

Note– Scraper is also a chrome extension.

10. Streak

Streak is also a chrome extension used to convert your Gmail account into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool which enables a user to send bulk emails to the customer for sales purposes. It is a cloud-based tool that helps to run a campaign for small, medium, and large organizations.

Streak Chrome extension
Streak Chrome extension

Technical SEO Tools

11. Google Search Console

Google search engine is a free SEO tool used for monitoring and troubleshooting your website or webpage in terms of total clicks, impressions, average CTR, and average position of your webpage. It also provides the SERP detail of your page which means on which page Google showing your page as a search engine result.

It also provides the technical aspect terms like mobile usability, speed (experimental), and site link search box. It is used for detecting technical data and submits a sitemap, etc.

12. Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a free Content Distribution Network (CDN) tool used to protect your website from threats and malicious attackers. It works as a firewall team to protect your website from identity theft and boost your site speed and performance.


13. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

Google’s Mobile-friendly test is used for designing your website to perform well on mobile and other devices. It impresses a customer who is searching your web[ages on mobile devices and build the credibility of customers and clients over the Internet.

14. Smush

WP Smush plugin is used for resizing, compressing, and optimizing the images without changes their quality, in order to ensure the fast loading time of webpages. It can smush images in bulk (50 at a time).

This tool is very easy to use to optimize your images in bulk.

Rank Checking Tools

These tools are used for checking your website rank worldwide for any keyword.

15. Aherfs’ SERP Checker

Aherfs’ SERP Checker provides the top 10 SERP results for any specific keyword over 170 countries. It also provides the Ahrefs Rank (AR), domain Rating (DR), URL Rating, Referring Domain, Monthly Organic Traffic, and Keywords for only the first three results.

16. Mobile SERP Test

Mobile SERP Test is used to find the unique and exact result of any query as SERP is completely dependent on keywords and phrases used by a user.

Recently, Google has released an update for mobile search engine results in order to deliver more appropriate results to its user.

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Analytics Tools

16. Google Analytics

In Nov 2005, Google launched a free web-based service that helps in tracking website traffic so that you can get your high page rank in search engines.

Google Analytics can be used to detect your website activity, such as session duration, bounce rate, and campaign creation, etc. Google Analytics provides real-time analysis for your website and the current number of visitors on your website.

17. Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio free tool to report and visualize the data and helps to create interactive dashboards and reports for those customers who want to go beyond the data and dashboard for Google Analytics and search console.

It helps to make a tutorial report, Acme marketing (Analytics), search console report, Google Ads overview and Youtube channel report, and more.

Google Data Studio free SEO tool
Google Data Studio free SEO tool

Local SEO Tools

18. MOZ (SEOmoz) software

Moz is an SEO software tool that helps to increase traffic, ranking, and presence of your site in search engines. It also helps in site auditing, rank tracking, Backlinks analysis, and keywords research.

MOZ SEO tool
MOZ SEO tool

19. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a free tool developed by Neil Patel that helps in finding free long-tail keywords, domain overview, top SEO pages, Keyword suggestions, content ideas, and backlinks data.

Note: Ubersuggest is a free tool for limited access. To access all features, you need to subscribe to its pro-version.

Ubersuggest- SEO tool
Ubersuggest- SEO tool


20. KWFinder (Keyword Tool)

KWFinder is a keyword research and analysis tool that helps to find a long tail keyword for your website. It helps to find Niche keywords to get a high rank in Google search engine results.

KW-Finder SEO tool
KW-Finder SEO tool

I hope this article is very useful to rank your website and for overall SEO.



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