What is the citation of a website?

Sometimes it may possible to use copy content from another website or book. Because, It is impossible to write complete information about a topic in your blog, tutorial, content, and website. However, it may be possible but how? Cite, is a process that will help you to make your content very informative and attractive for a reader. “Citation” is a process to inform the viewers about the references that you have used on your website. Cite is also a process of giving credit to the original source by giving reference to the source author. To cite a website can be very helpful for the readers to know more information about your website. That means if you are providing the original details of any research by mentioning their reference then it called cite.

What is a Citation?

Citation of a site is defined as a protocol used by any writer to tell about the original author of the content. If you saw any Wikipedia page, then the option “Cite this page” is always mentioned in the left side index. Wikipedia pages are always the best source for citation of a website or book, to use the right information and nomenclature.


In the above screenshot, you will find the option “Cite this page” marked with an arrow. If you open this link you will find the information of the original author or reference source, from where additional information is taken to this page.


This is the catalog or record of the topic which you have searched in Wikipedia. On this page, the following details are mentioned

  • The title of the page
  • Author detail with page version ID
  • Date of publish
  • Permanent link and primary contributor detail

Citation is the process which tells the viewers that some specific content you have taken (If any) from another source or reference.”

Why cite?

Citing a website is required to remove the Plagiarism. This means you are copying some details with the consent of the source author by giving them a reference or some credit.

There are so many reasons due to which citation is done

  • Citation is very helpful to do the research of source ideas and it allows a user to use plagiarised content.
  • Citing sources collect the details of the research at which you are working.
  • Citation helps a user to collect the right ideas and information because it is always not necessary that source ideas are right.
  • Citation helps a writer to deliver more accurate and informational content.
  • To remove Plagiarism in your content and blogs, etc.

Effect of citation of a site

Citation is usually done to represent the primary source author in detail. It helps a viewer to find more information about the topic without any plagiarism. So citation of a page always maintains the originality of your content. You should not do the citation of your own content, Also you should not cite some general ideas that most of the person already knows about it.

When did Citation need?

When writing content, it may possible to borrow content from other websites or books. So, in this scenario, you have to do a citation of your website or page. There are some conditions when the citation is compulsory for a user

  • If you have to borrow or copied some content from another source
  • Whenever it’s impossible to express someone’s ideas in your own words.
  • When you use some content that already exists in another website or book.
  • If you are using Quotes then Citation must be done.
  • Whenever you are using Paraphrase, then citation of the website should be done.
  • Citation helps a user for any invalid detail by providing the disclaimer to the user.

Styles of Citation

The most popular bibliographic style or citation styles used by writers are MLA, APA, Chicago, and CSE. Each citation styles have their own discipline and application.

MLA (Modern Language Association)

  • MLA deals with humanities like philosophy, literature, language, religion, and arts.

APA (American Psychological Association)

  • APA deals with social science like psychology, education, anthropology, business, economics, and political science, etc.


  • Chicago is generally dealing with historical ideas but it can be used in some humanities and social science subjects.

CSE (Council of Science Editors)

  • CSE is a style that is linked with natural science.

How to choose Citation style

Citation is always choosing according to the nature of the business or study which you are doing. You may have one or more options to choose Citation. If you are working on music and art discipline, then you may have more than one option.

After choosing citation style you should visit to link Cite your sources guide in the library. These libraries have all information about the Citation styles and specimen documents.

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Examples of Citation styles

APA website citation

APA website citation should contain the following fields

  • Author’s last name
  • Date of publication and update.
  • Title of research
  • Website name
  • Fetch date and month and year.
  • From URL from the homepage.
Citation of a website

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