What is Email Marketing and its benefits?

To promote and grow your business through Email is called Email Marketing. We can make customers for our products and services with the help of an email list. This article will discuss the entire Email Marketing, such as the definition of Email Marketing, benefits, getting started with Email Marketing, Email signup form, etc. Email Marketing is one of the most useful tools for growing a business and easily attracting the target audience or customer.

What is Email Marketing?

“Email marketing is defined as the best marketing method over Email to promote your business products and services by providing the product detail and discount, etc. to the customer.”

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Benefits of Email Marketing

What are the benefits of email marketing, or it really works?

It is the best method to promote your business at a meager cost. Nowadays, almost all companies are using email marketing due to lots of benefits.

Here are some benefits of Email Marketing as follows:

  • Low cost

The most important factor is money because, in the end, money matters. While we start any business, then we planned to promote the business at a meager cost.

Email marketing requires a meager cost in comparison to all other marketing methods.

  • Easily approach customers

With the help of email marketing, we can send emails through the email list and ask them what they actually want, and that really helps me reduce the risk and create a product that the customer is going to purchase. We can reengage our existing customers, telling them, “Hi, you have purchased a product earlier; here is a new product for you which really suits your needs.”

  • Earn revenue

According to email marketing statistics, the total inflow and outflow of email were approx 294 billion per day, and it is surely growing day by day that is approx half or a bit less than half of the total global population, so we can estimate how email marketing can be too much beneficial in terms of driving revenue.

  • Easy to start

Email marketing is not a big deal to start. Everyone can start this solely or individually by setting up an email campaign with attractive templates, logos, videos, images, etc. We can use simple text mail, but content should be unique, and we know content is king.

Here are some platforms where you can start an email campaign like https://mailchimp.com/ and https://www.oberlo.in/ etc.

  • Easy to share and measure

By E-mail marketing, you can easily find the number of E-mails sent, the number of E-mails that have been opened and that those who have opened up, the number of people who are not registered, and click rate (which includes the link been effective and who clicked on it).

  • Highest return on investment

E-mail marketing has the highest return of investment in comparison to all other marketing channels, always as per the statistics https://www.hubspot.com/.

As per the report, email generates $38 for every dollar spent, which is an approx 3,800% return on investment.

  • Fast and efficient

Creating a marketing message via email is very easy and fast, as you can create it ASAP. Also, E-mail marketing is very efficient and approx 40 times more efficient than all other marketing channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Automatic

A tool used in Email marketing is named ‘Autoresponder.’ If you want to send an email on a further date, we can create a mail and schedule it later.

  • Easy to share

It is very easy to share among the subscribers, and also, your subscribers can share this mail only by clicking this mail, so this will create a chain of your customer or audience results in growing your business.

Getting started with Email Marketing

To impress your customer or audience through the mail is called Email marketing. Here are a few steps to build an email campaign that really helps you out for your business promotion.

The most important thing is that what customer actually need or customer actually want, because everyone is receiving more than 90 emails on average in a day that means if we don’t have time and a better strategy to manage email, then it may be possible that some of them will get lost in spam or another unreadable folder.

There are some steps for making an email strategy as follows-

  • Define your audience

Define your audience directly refers to what customers or audiences will help you attract an audience for your products and services.

  • Establishment of goals

Before creating a campaign, we should research what email stats about your industry, establish a goal, and execute them.

Goal establishment in Email Marketing
Goal establishment in Email Marketing
  • Sign up method

What is an Email Sign Up form?

The method of collection of leads and potential customers over Email is called the Email Sign Up form. This Sign Up form is embedded with a webpage with some blank field from where customer submitted their detail, and this will add to your email newsletter.

Why customer will provide their mail id?

Customer will provide mail id due to some reasons like the detail of your business product, sales, and offers provided for products. Once a customer adds to your email list, you can reengage the same customer in the future,

So Sign Up form will fulfill all the above requirements to approach and collect the customer through an Email List. So, in the end, the Email Sign Up form is a very easy, efficient, and powerful method to grow your entire business sales and services.

How to add an Email Sign Up form for a WordPress website through Mailchimp? Or how to get more email subscribers in the first 30 days?


To add an Email Sign Up form and a pop-up form in your website sidebar to build more audience or create a list of the potential customer, we have to sign up https://login.mailchimp.com/signup/ this link and create an Email account by providing mandatory details.



Once Sign in, you will prompt a screen like below at the create option and then the Sign-Up form.

Next, you will find a screen like this. After selecting an audience, you will find an embedded form below.

Email Marketing: Signup form
Email Marketing: Signup form

Now you will find an HTML code in the right side box as below.

Email Marketing: Signup form
Email Marketing: Signup form

We have to copy this entire code to our wordpress<dashboard<appearance<widget<Custom HTML column by entering the save button below the code.

Now you will find the result as a signup form in your website sidebar like this.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Further, you can add a Pop-up form and Sign Up landing page on your website by the same practice.


Choose an email campaign type.

The process of creating a campaign is very, very easy, so to create content, first Sign In your MailChimp Kent and click create a campaign.

Now click the available option Email and create at Email first.

Email Marketing: Mailchimp Id
Email Marketing: Mailchimp Id

Fill in the campaign name in the text field.

I want to recommend you to take a campaign name same as your mail subject line always as this will help you a lot.


Make a schedule

What is Email Marketing calendar templates?

Email Schedule is a method of sending any mail to your subscriber on a future date or a predefined date set. This is an automated method of sending emails to your subscriber for a future date or time zone.

There are some templates to start your Email campaign as

  1. Email campaign for a one-day event
  2. Email campaign for ongoing events or Promotions.
  3. Informational Email newsletter
  4. Event invitations/promotions with marketing follow-up emails
  5. Announcement

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